Thursday, April 12, 2012

Airbrush Issues

by I.M. Haight originally posted 10/08

Recently a question was posed to Preston that got me thinking. Generally that isn’t a bad thing but this train of thought led me to get a little warm under the collar. The question dealt with the ogling of women on TV or elsewhere by men in front of their significant others and how men felt when it was done to them. Here’s the question:

…dudes have no problem commenting on phat asses, sex appeal, etc when it comes to seeing women on tv…but my question is, how do guys really feel when their chicks comment about other guys? I throw it in there ocassionally - just b/c LOL - and even though ya’ll try to act chill about it, it’s really tearing you up inside, ain’t it???

Preston’s response:

Nope. It sure isn’t. Now if you start running off at the mouth about your cute boss or co-worker — maybe that would get under our skin. But we know yo ass ain’t bumpin into Morris Chestnut at the grocery store and running off with him. Guys don’t look at the dudes on the cover of Men’s Health and feel self-conscious. It just doesn’t happen. Women on the other hand compare themselves to every other thing with a vagina whether it’s the girl in the next cubicle or the one on the cover of US Weekly.

While Preston explained why guys don’t trip…I was left wondering why women do. I couldn’t help but speak on the main issue here.


This is an age old problem that I just can’t wrap my brain around. Of course on the extreme end of the spectrum I get it. If a man constantly made overt reactions, had a Beyonce screensaver, or had a shrine to Lauren London then yeah he’s wilding. If he says, “nice ass” more watching TV than watching you, then he’s a dick. If he constantly drones on about the women at work…

Well then call me!

But, a casual “she’s pretty” or a long pause on a channel with bikinis while surfing shouldn’t be such a big deal.

Don’t get me wrong. There is chauvinism. Men do degrade women. Women are abused, and yes women are oppressed. But…why is it so wrong for a man to admire (i.e. lust) a scantily clad woman on television or the net? We hear all the time that these images are ruining self esteem and they portray a stereotype that can’t be achieved. We hear that some women’s insecurities stem from the beautiful women on T.V. We hear that some women are driven to bulimia and other eating disorders because of those






OK I got carried away, but you get the point.

It seems to me that it is jealousy driving women more than anything else. To quote the woman who wrote the question:

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have those jealous tendencies - which I think is okay and men really love that to an extent

First of all…

NO its not okay.

And second…

NO we don’t really love that!

Well I don’t anyway. I want a woman who knows she's the shit and doesn’t have to say it. So what if I look at Ciara dance if my girl has an ass like Ki-Toy. And even if she doesn’t, hers is the ass I’m feeling on every day, so it shouldn’t matter. If things are right at home then these comments shouldn’t be a big deal. Aren’t you getting sweet sweet love made to you on a regular basis? Doesn’t he make you feel like you’re the only one for him? Isn’t he showing you how much he appreciates you?


Well then the issue isn’t with him drooling over Trina’s ass then is it?

Just because your man gets a little hype when
Vida Guerra shows her tits, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want you.

Is every man in the world forcing women to strive to look better?


Other women are. Preston said it best, “women…compare themselves to every other thing with a vagina.”

Now, I will admit there are some jerks on this planet that may openly demean and degrade women by comparing them to models and such. There is no excuse for the actions of these men. The point I'm trying to make is that John P. Regular realizes that the women on T.V. are just that, the women on T.V.

We know and grow to love the woman at work, or the friend from college. You see, we fall in love with the people we meet. If you happen to meet one of these women who appear in ads or spread it on the web then you have the opportunity to fall for them and vice versa.

However, most people don’t fall in love with the people on T.V. — we fall in love with the people who watch T.V. with us…

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