Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why you can't be in love BEFORE the sex...

First of all, thank you to everyone who swings by here and reads the site. Even more thanks go to the people who comment. It really is a cycle. I inspire you to share your thoughts and opinions on a subject. When you do it inspires me to write even more. That’s exactly what happened yesterday. Here are a couple of excerpts that precipitated this article.

Swag, I am going to have to disagree with you on this one! If that was the case, a chick that blew your mind and sucked your heart out would be the girl for you. But when true love comes into play, that’s when you sit back and think to YOURSELF (not even realizing it)….about how good of a wife and mother she’ll be… –Silkie

And one more while we’re here:

…but seriously, I’m in love, or at least “in heavy like”, long before any sex. First of all, this is all beyond the physical. For me, it’s about the interaction and communication. If I can vibe with a woman and we don’t have any substantial problems, then I can see myself falling in love… –Anthony Taurus

Anthony — I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, do you want to know one of the MAJOR tests I put possible girlfriend candidates through?? The girls I’m feeling a little bit…but I’m not sure if they are wife-type material… Do you know what I MAKE them do??????


Nothing at all! If I can just lay around with you on the couch or in my room. No plans, no topics, no agendas…and just chill with you. Feel absolutely comfortable and happy just shooting the shit with you. Then you’ve just taken a HUGE step forward in the my book.

But that’s still — as Anthony so eloquently put it — just “heavy like”. The fact is, if your “in love” you’re probably in a relationship (I should hope…if not then you’re just a stalker aren’t you?). And no matter how you look at it, a relationship can be divided along 2 lines…

Physical and Emotional

Now here’s the thing that will blow your mind… Those two parts are EQUALLY important. But everybody writes the physical part off as if it’s a minuscule part of the equation…

I can teach a man how to please me If he’s got everything else we can work on the physical stuff

Stop that.

Ladies close your eyes and think about the last time you rolled over…sweaty… looking up at the ceiling…breathing heavy…with an ever so slight smile you just couldn’t wipe off your face…took a deep breath and thought….


Go ahead……I’ll wait.

Yeah, try teaching some sexually incompatible fool how to do THAT.

I know that since this is coming from a male writer they’ll be a natural inclination to want to keep a grain of salt handy. “A guy writing about the importance of the physical side of the relationship….how original”. Sure…being a guy makes me biased…but it doesn’t make me wrong.

If you haven’t had any significant physical interaction with a person, then HALF of the relationship still hasn’t been explored? How can you experience half of anything and claim to know it…let alone LOVE it. Physicality is important…even more so now that we’re living longer and old heads are poppin Cialis like flintstone vitamins. Time will still take it’s toll on us, and eventually the physical side of the relationship will change. Surely hugs and kisses mean more to our grandparents who no longer have sex.

But what if they couldn’t hold hands? That’s still the physical side of the connection.

Unfortunately, I’m down to just one grandparent…but I know for a fact that my grandmother would trade anything in this world to hold my grandfather’s hand again…if only for a few minutes…even if they couldn’t say a word. Tell me that’s not the physical side of a relationship…

1 person + 1 person = relationship.

Relationship = 2 parts.

No Sex (physicality) = 1/2 a relationship…

1/2 a relationship cannot = REAL LOVE

–Preston (I told you there’d be math!)

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