Thursday, March 15, 2012

Icabod Calls Out Black Women (at his own risk!)

by I.M. Haight

This is something that has pissed me off for years. I am a black man and I love black women but I don’t think you love yourselves. First off, there is nothing wrong with you. And for that matter, there has never been anything wrong. Despite what the media portrays or what you believe, you are by far the strongest, smartest, most resourceful, most devout, most beautiful, and downright damn finest creatures walking this earth. You built this nation and continue to be the world’s backbone, yet the majority of you don’t realize it. I will admit some fault lies with the opposite sex and the long term demeaning of women. However, the bulk of the fault lies within each individual woman who does not realize and claim her God given power.

Then there is the mantra. “Why aren’t there more black women in the media?” The complaint that comes directly after that deals with the complexion of the black women who do happen to make it. Valid points, but answer me this. Why were breast implants, collagen injections, and rump plumping procedures invented?

To emulate you.

Because white women lacked the proportions that the white man coveted. The shape and stature that black men have loved for so many years. Miscegenation started when white men forced themselves onto slaves, long before “mixed”(I hate that fucking word….another blog, another time) girls took over video shoots or magazine covers. The slave owners could not resist the obvious strength and resilient beauty of the black woman. So, before you are so quick to say that nobody wants you, remember that everyone does.

To the black woman who wears tons of makeup.

Stop. Your skin was made the perfect shade in God’s eyes.

To the black woman who feels she is only worth her body.

Stop. You have blood of kings and queens in your veins.

To the black woman who pushes things up and lets things hang out.

Stop. The world already wants your body so get your mind and spirit on the same level.

To the black woman who only checks for an account balance before saying “I do”.

Stop. Because you have been blessed with a spirit and will to get your own.

To the black woman who is always critical and negative…

Stop. We long for your support.

To the black woman who is giving up on the first night.

Stop. We long to respect you.

To all black women; there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, everything is all right…

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