Friday, March 23, 2012

The One Thing Bush Gets Credit For

by Tobias Hustleman...originally posted 09/08

Say what you will about Condoleezza Rice, she did make a good point. There are not enough Black people working in the US State dept. Rice made this assertion in an article on and credited her family and education as integral pieces for building her career in politics. While the Republican party has done nothing for my opinion of their politics during the Republican National Convention, they have put two more Blacks in the top diplomatic post than the Democratic party. Now, it is debatable as to whether or not Powell and Rice have had large parts in the formation of policy. You have to wonder how much Powell agreed with when he did not return to be Secretary of State for the second term. Even if they were put in place due to skin color, it is still important nonetheless because aside from the President and Vice President, Secretary of State is very much the representative of US foreign policy.

I am simply editorializing here so I’ll venture out for awhile…

If the youth today see Powell, Rice and Obama, will this inspire a new wave of kids wanting to be leaders? It’s not far-fetched to believe, but the seeds are being sewn. As odd as it sounds, Mr. Bush can be a credit for that. What is this credit to Bush you ask? It took four years and a shady election for people to admit they saw something amazing. People reported in record numbers to vote because they just couldn’t believe a president could be so bad. My mother voted and she had not voted in close to 40 some-odd years. Unfortunately, the administration used a policy of fear to gain votes. People in power have long used misinformation and the electorate’s lack of education to control power.

The youth especially are impressionable. It’s why they want to be like corny rap stars, flashy athletes, and the neighborhood dope man. But they also follow in the path of good parents, family members, and coaches. All rappers aren’t bad and all parents aren’t good. My point is Barack’s run along with the Powell and Rice stints as SS could inspire a new group of youth to political aspirations.

Take my weak example of heavyweight boxing. Historically, kids wanted to box because they had an icon as an idol. Kids wanted to be like Jack Johnson because he laughed at the establishment. Joe Louis beat the Germans and Muhammad Ali was as charismatic as any figure that ever lived. They were lightning rods of inspiration. As time wore on, the title lost its luster in part due to bad boxing administration and a lack of a figure that inspired. The glory and money shifted to basketball and football. Mainly though, kids just don’t have the figure to place as an idol. What title could be better than being the biggest, baddest guy around with your hands?!?

Apparently, a shoe deal is better.

If there are any young, minority types out who may find this article, follow the history of Black politicians here. There is a tide of change just from the information in the Democratic exit polls:

* Obama was the overwhelming favorite among Blacks

* Hillary held the advantage among White voters

In gambling that is called a push, but Barack held the advantage in educated, young, white voters. Hillary led in those over 65. This tells me that education is at least neutralizing race to some degree. As you can see, Republicans have started the heart of America stuff and call Obama an elitist. Forgive me for doing what you told me and getting an education. Being American is more than just being from the “heartland” or small towns. Interestingly enough, your education taught me that.

More importantly, the article shows minorities can get into office and effect policy change. Now, don’t go out like my man in Detroit. Politicans can be bad Black, White or otherwise. (Note: Kwame, that was a slouch move with the text messages. They are as bad as semen soaked dresses. People will track messages from a mayor and a head technician wont don’t dry clean her dress if it’s soaked with presidential DNA. If you’re going to pull that, get a code for communication. Don’t you watch “The Wire”?!?! Kwame, you’re a Rodeo Clown.) All is not lost. His mother Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus one of the more powerful entities in Washington.

Pay attention to the news and not just the sports report. See if anyone is addressing the issues that affect you. If they are not, write a letter. Get out and vote. You can make a change.

Yes we can!

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